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Elżbieta Adamowicz

Economic policy in lubelskie voivodeship – recommendation

The subject of the article are recommendation for regional economic policy, formulated base on business tendency survey, conducted under Lublin Regional Barometer project. Covering the distance, which separates lubelskie voivodship from other regions, both in Poland and in the European Economic Area, requires focusing efforts on activities leading to evening out chances for development. The most important include investment in human capital and improvement of the environment of business activity throw the development of infrastructure and creation of entrepreneurships friendly climate. It is still an underappreciated source of economic growth. It is particularly desirable to eliminate barriers of institutional and administrative nature.

Keywords: Lubelskie voivodeship, recommendation to regional economic policy, economic sentiment surveys
JEL: R11, R58

Mieczysław Kowerski

10 years of economic sentiment surveys in Lubelskie voivodeship

Since the II quarter of 2001 the University of Management and Administration in Zamość has been realizing the economic sentiment surveys which help to calculate sector confidence indicators and economic sentiment indexes for Lubelskie region. The analysis of the trends of economic sentiment indexes permit to reach conclusion that in the investigated period the economy of Lubelskie region has gone through the full medium term business cycle, which began with 2001 recession and through the recovering phase of 2004–2006 entered the boom phase of 2007 – the first half of 2008 with the pick in the IV quarter of 2007 and then the slowdown in the economy which ended in 2009–2010 recession with the “doldrums” registered in the II quarter of 2009. These conclusions can be confirmed by econometric smoothing with the Hodrick-Prescott filter long-term trends of general and entrepreneurs’ economic sentiment indexes and sector confidence indicators. Whereas, the way and pace of coming out of 2009–2010 recession constitute a problem. The results in the IV quarter 2010 and I quarter 2011 may show that coming out of recession will be W-shaped whereas in the IV quarter economy and economic sentiment reached ‘the second doldrums.’ Economic sentiment in Lubelskie region is characterized by several important features: 1. the entrepreneurs’ economic sentiment is slightly better than consumers sentiment almost in the whole analyzed period; 2. among analyzed economic sectors the highest variability of economic sentiment have building contractors; 3. more often city dwellers have better sentiment than country dwellers; 4. formulated by entrepreneurs and consumers forecasts concerning their firms (households) situation are more optimistic than realization a quarter later; 5. economic sentiment index for Lubelskie region is one month lagged to the economic sentiment index for Poland.

Keywords: economic sentiment surveys, Lubelskie voivodeship, Hodrick-Prescott filter
JEL: R11

Bogdan Kawałko

Selected problems of Polish-Ukrainian transborder cooperation

Ukraine is a major political and economic partner of Poland. Because of Ukraine’s location on external eastern border with the European Union, this neighbourhood performs also strategic role for the whole Union. The tight border of the EU and asymmetry of economic and political systems constitute a lot of developmental barriers not only for borderland but also for its inhabitants and economic subjects. In this context special role constitutes Polish and Ukrainian borderland. Transborder regions development in all European countries performs important role both in national policy and European development policy. This article is an attempt at analysis of problems and determinants of cooperation of two Polish and three Ukrainian neighbouring regions situated along eastern Schengen border. On the basis of geopolitical determinants and legal basis delimitation was made. Moreover, Polish - Ukrainian Transborder Region (PUTR) was defined, its economic position was specified, forms and scope of cooperation were identified including ‘contact’ problems such as border and transport infrastructure. On the basis of identified problems, chances and threats, in the article were formulated: main policy, challenge and recommendations connected with using transborder developmental potentials in the years 2025-2030. Specified recommendations are connected with Eastern Partnership which is one of the priorities of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council in 2011.

Keywords: Polish-Ukrainian transborder cooperation, challenge and recommendations to transborder cooperation development
JEL: F15, R58

Jarosław Bielak

Appraisal of selected economic development factors forecasts of Lubelskie voivodeship

In the article appraisal of selected macroeconomic factors short-term forecasting was presented. Research was conducted in 2009-2011 and concerned social-economic situation in Lubelskie voivodeship, particularly labor market, sold production of industry and construction. Applied econometric modeling, estimating and forecasting procedures were discussed. Arisen problems and attempts at solving them were commented. Forecasts and actual values of researched variables were compared.

Keywords: Lubelskie voivodeship, forecasting, economic development, labor market, ARIMA
JEL: C5, J2, R23

Dawid Długosz

Spatial diversity of climate on labor market in Lubelskie voivodeship

The main purpose of the article is the problem of time-space heterogeneity at labor market in Lubelskie voivodeship. In the study there is proposed a method of building a ranking as a tool to arrange provinces by the climate on labor market. The results shows how climate on labor market was changing in Lubelskie voivodeship between 2009 and 2011.

Keywords: spatial heterogeneity, labor market, lubelskie voivodeship, unemployment